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I'm a ResponseNow Affiliate. Offering the latest in medical alert solutions. The diverse product line means we’ve got a solution for everyone. Whether it’s a senior who wants protection when she drives to the store or someone who needs protection on a budget, ResponseNow has got them covered. With top-of-the-line equipment, expert-level monitoring, flexible pricing and outstanding customer service, we know how to serve our customers better than anyone. Our record speaks for itself - we’ve been doing this since 2001 with thousands of customers happily serviced and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Click on the image to the right to get more info or give me a call to learn how to get your first month free!

Call me to learn how to get your first month FREE!

Don't know what to buy? I will provide a free consultation on that next purchase. The first two hours are free.


I'll help you configure, update, and secure your mobile devices at home or for your business.

Too many businesses let their servers, data, and networks go unmanaged for months at a time. Don't expose your IT infrastructure to risk by ignoring warning signs of failing to perform maintenance.


I will make house calls to troubleshoot and fix your sick computer. If your location is outside of our service area, there will be a travel fee. Or drop off your computer and avoid the travel fee.

Sometimes better performance and reliability is just a hardware upgrade away. I can help you determine if your current system will benefit from an upgrade or if you need to go new.


I offer a variety of IT services for your business. Whether your business is on an as needed arrangement of a fully managed package for your computers.

I can provide effective solutions for establishing or improving the wired or wireless network capabilities at your home or office.


In addition to my popular on-site support, I also provide remote support for those quick fixes that don't require a tech to be on-site.

I'll get you on the road to loving your new purchase quickly, with a streamlined setup and data transfer from the old pc... I'll even move as many settings over as possible!


The best way to keep you computer virus free and running smooth is to keep all your programs and windows up to date. Includes a 15% discount on labor on other services.

Can't wait to use your Smart TV? I can help you set it up and show you how to use it.


I will provide advise on how to back up your computer and/or set up a back up system based on your needs. Let me help you keep those treasured pictures or important files from getting lost.

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