I need to install Remote Quick Support!


 I need to install Remote Host!


I need to install Full Team Viewer!

Installing from this link requires you to actively request support and give a password before access is allowed to Brush Creek Tech. 


Installing from this link gives Brush Creek Tech access to your computer at any time without your interaction.  Installing this constitutes consent for Brush Creek Tech to have unrestricted access to your computer.  While this gives Brush Creek Tech the ability to access your computer at any time without interaction from you, Brush Creek Tech will not under any circumstances access your computer without your permission and only in accordance with previously agreed upon guidelines and consent.


This version can be installed either with unattended access or require a password.  This allows you to make use of the full Team Viewer package to access other computers, participate in Team Viewer meetings, and other tasks that the Team Viewer software supports. 

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